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Where was the Hannah Montana movie filmed in Tennessee?

Where was the Hannah Montana movie filmed in Tennessee?

Several of scenes were filmed in Nashville, Tennessee, based on Cyrus and her father’s hometown, for the scene that Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana’s travels back home, with Fairground scenes filmed near the end of the movie. There is a carnival scene filmed at Smiley Hollow in Ridgetop, Tennessee.

Where did they film Hannah Montana movie?

Filming began in April 2008, much of it occurring in Columbia, Tennessee and Los Angeles, California, and was completed in July 2008.

Where is the Hannah Montana movie house located?

30760 Broad Beach Road, Malibu
Hannah Montana was shot at Tribune Studios (now Sunset Bronson Studios) in Los Angeles, California. Stewarts’ house was located at 30760 Broad Beach Road, Malibu. Los Angeles, CA, USA. Photo by Guillaume Merle on Unsplash.

Does Hannah Montana live in Tennessee?

Miley and her dad Miley has several family members, but only her immediate family – herself, her father Robby Ray, and her brother Jackson – live in California. The rest live in Tennessee, where Miley spent the first eleven years of her life. Her family is very southern.

Where was the waterfall scene in the Hannah Montana movie filmed?

Rutledge Falls in the middle Tn. area. Also was filmed in the Hanna Montana movie. Waterfall pictures, Beautiful places to visit, Beautiful waterfalls.

Where is the real Crowley Corners?

“You’ll Always Find Your Way Back Home” – wise words sang by our good childhood best friend Miley Stewart a.k.a Hannah Montana as she sings to save her town “Crowley Corners” and although you might not be able to find this place on a map you can certainly find it in Columbia TN.

Where did Miley Stewart move to in Season 4?

In the season, the Stewarts and Lilly move to a ranch in Malibu.

Why did Miley move back to Tennessee?

In Miley Says Goodbye?, she has a dream about her horse, Blue Jeans that convinces her to move back to Tennessee. Instead, heartbroken to leave her friends and life in California, her father buys a big house, close to their old home in Malibu, where they have a ranch to keep Blue Jeans in.

Was Hannah Montana filmed at Santa Monica Pier?

Hannah Montana When the Pier Appears: The fourth season takes place in Santa Monica instead of Malibu. Lilly is shown frequently working at a game booth on the Pier.

Where is Crowley Corners from the Hannah Montana movie?

When Hannah Montana’s soaring popularity threatens to take over her life—she just might let it. So her father takes the teen home to Crowley Corners, Tennessee, for a dose of reality, kicking off a fun-filled adventure. Directed by Peter Chelsom.

How much did Miley earn from Hannah Montana?

Cyrus, who was only 13 when the show premiered in 2006, earned $15,000 per episode while playing Miley Stewart and her pop star alter ego Hannah Montana, Business Insider reported. However, she didn’t only make money from the show itself.