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Which Ben 10 comes after ultimate alien?

Which Ben 10 comes after ultimate alien?

Ben 10: Omniverse
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien lasted for three seasons and was succeeded by Ben 10: Omniverse in 2012. Ben 10: Omniverse is the fourth series that premiered on August 1, 2012.

Will there be any Ben 10 movies?

The Omnitrix initially contains ten aliens, although later on Ben obtains more species by adding their DNA….

Ben 10
Television film(s) Secret of the Omnitrix (2007) Race Against Time (2007) Alien Swarm (2009) Destroy All Aliens (2012) Ben 10 Versus the Universe: The Movie (2020)

What is Tom Holland’s next movie?

Spider-Man : No Way Home2021
Tom Holland/Upcoming movies

Who is the real ben 10?

Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
Benjamin “Ben” Kirby Tennyson, commonly known as Ben 10, is a fictional superhero and title protagonist of the Ben 10 franchise….Ben Tennyson.

Benjamin Tennyson
Full name Benjamin Kirby Tennyson
Species Human
Title Ben 10 Ben Prime Ben 10,000 (Future)
Affiliation Team Tennyson Plumbers SECT Galactic Enforcers

Is ben10 a DC?

Ben 10, the original series first aired in 2005 and it was heavily inspired by Dial “H” for Hero, a comic book published by DC Comics. Ben Tennyson made his first DC Comics appearance in Cartoon Network Action Pack # 2 (August 2006).

Who did Ben 10 Marry?

Gwen Tennyson
First appearance And Then There Were 10 (2005)
Created by Duncan Rouleau Joe Casey Joe Kelly Steven T. Seagle
Portrayed by Haley Ramm (Race Against Time) Galadriel Stineman (Alien Swarm)

Who is the new Spiderman in 2021?

Tom Holland
Tom Holland made a new friend on the set of Spider-Man: No Way Home — or is that an old enemy? The 25-year-old actor suited up again for his third solo Spidey film, this one picking up after Peter Parker’s secret identity went public in 2019’s Far From Home.

Are there male Anodites?

Although only female Anodites have been seen, there “sort of” are male Anodites. Given the fact Verdona always hoped that her sons and grandsons would have inherited her Anodite powers further implies that male Anodites do in fact exist.

Who is Ultimate Swampfire?

Ultimate Swampfire is Derrick J. Wyatt’s favorite Ultimate Alien because he likes how he looks the most.