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Which element has 4 valence electrons and 3 energy levels?

Which element has 4 valence electrons and 3 energy levels?

Why is the Periodic Table Arranged the Way it Is? CARBON FAMILY: All have 4 VALENCE ELECTRONS (electrons in the outer energy level) Carbon is a NONMETAL.

What element has 4 electrons and 3 neutrons?

Atoms are neutral in electrical charge because they have the same number of negative electrons as positive protons (Table 4.5. 1)….Atomic Number.

Name Lithium
Neutrons 4
Electrons 3
Atomic Number (Z) 3

What is the energy level n 3?

Orbitals and Electron Capacity of the First Four Principle Energy Levels
Principle energy level (n) Type of sublevel Number of orbitals per level(n2)
3 s 9

How many electrons does n 3 have?

There’s 10 electrons in there and that’s why there’s this negative 3 charge there. That’s it, 7 protons, 10 electrons and the chemical symbol of the element is right there.

Does SI have 4 energy levels?

Silicon is composed of 14 electrons, 14 protons, and (in most cases) 14 neutrons. In its ground state, silicon has two electrons in the n = 1 energy level, eight in the n = 2 energy level, and four in the n = 3 energy level, as shown on the energy diagram to the left.

Does GE have 4 energy levels?

Germanium is in the same family with the elements carbon and silicon. They all have four electrons in their outer shell. The orbital structure for germanium is 2-8-18-4.

What atom has 3 protons 3 neutrons 3 electrons?

lithium atom
A lithium atom contains 3 protons in its nucleus irrespective of the number of neutrons or electrons. a. b. Notice that because the lithium atom always has 3 protons, the atomic number for lithium is always 3.

What isotope has 3 protons and 3 electrons?

Lithium-7. Lithium-7 is by far the most abundant isotope of lithium, making up between 92.2% and 98.1% of all terrestrial lithium. A lithium-7 atom contains three protons, four neutrons, and three electrons.

How many electrons does n 4 have?

32 electrons
Here n is the principal quantum number that describes the energy shell. This means that the fourth energy shell can hold a maximum of 32 electrons.

What Subshells are possible in n 4 energy level?

The four sub-shells are associated with n = 4, which are s, p, d and f. The number of orbitals = 16.

What are the 4 electron orbitals?

There are four basic types of orbitals: s, p, d, and f. An s orbital has a spherical shape and can hold two electrons. There are three p orbitals, each of which has the same basic dumbbell shape but differ in its orientation in space.

What element has four energy levels?

Which element has four energy levels (electron shells)? Bromine is in period (row) 4 on the periodic table. This means it has 4 energy levels.