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Which Sin Cara was better?

Which Sin Cara was better?

A reputation for being injury prone aside doesn’t help Luis Ignascio Urive Alvirde’s claim to the character, but on overall wrestling ability alone, Hunico is the better fit for Sin Cara. The two men have been battling over gimmicks since their days in Mexico. In the early ’00s, Alvirde was known as Mistico.

Who is the original Mistico?

The original Mistico had been wrestling for CMLL under the name Caristico instead due to his former name being used by another star. However, last night his successor Mistico II announced his departure from CMLL, freeing up the likeness for use again, as he is expected to go by Dragonlisto moving forward.

Are there two Sin Caras?

#5 There have been two versions of Sin Cara For those unaware, the character of Sin Cara has been portrayed by two persons in WWE. The man behind the mask who got released by WWE, Jorge Arias is not the same person who debuted for the company in 2011.

Why was Sin Cara replaced?

The first explanation is that the WWE wanted to return Sin Cara’s character to television as soon as possible, so they decided to replace him with Hunico, a wrestler of similar physique and abilities.

Where is mistico now?

Luis Ignacio Urive Alvirde (born December 22, 1982), better known by his ring name Místico (Spanish for “Mystic”), is a Mexican luchador enmascarado (or masked professional wrestler), who currently works for Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).

Where is hunico now?

Jose Jorge Arriaga Rodriguez (born September 5, 1977) is a Mexican-American professional wrestler currently working on the Mexican independent circuit, under the ring name Cinta de Oro (Spanish for “Golden Ribbon”).

Where is Mistico now?

Who is the second Sin Cara?

Jorge Arias
Luis Urive, the first Sin Cara a.k.a Sin Cara “Azul” (Blue) Jorge Arias, the second Sin Cara a.k.a Sin Cara “Negro” (Black). Would take over the role of Sin Cara after the first left WWE.

What happened to Hunico?

The following week, Marlow’s new name was revealed as Camacho. It was revealed that Hunico and Camacho’s friendship arose from Hunico once saving Camacho from several attackers, resulting in Hunico being stabbed but biting a man’s eyeball out in the process.

How old is Sin Cara?

44 years (September 5, 1977)
Sin Cara/Age

How old is hunico?

What is Kalistos real name?

Emanuel Alejandro Rodriguez
Kalisto/Full name