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Who convinced the French to make an alliance with the US in 1778?

Who convinced the French to make an alliance with the US in 1778?

American victory over the British in the Battle of Saratoga convinced the French that the Americans were committed to independence and worthy partners to a formal alliance.

Who was the American diplomat that organized the military alliance with France?

Benjamin Franklin
Negotiated by the American diplomats Benjamin Franklin, Silas Deane, and Arthur Lee, the Treaty of Alliance required that neither France nor the United States agree to a separate peace with Great Britain, and that American independence be a condition of any future peace agreement.

Who was the American most responsible for gaining this alliance with France?

On October 26, 1776, exactly one month to the day after being named an agent of a diplomatic commission by the Continental Congress, Benjamin Franklin sets sail from Philadelphia for France, with which he was to negotiate and secure a formal alliance and treaty.

Who wrote the treaty of alliance with France?

On February 6, 1778, Benjamin Franklin and the other two commissioners, Arthur Lee and Silas Deane, signed a Treaty of Alliance and a Treaty of Amity and Commerce with France.

What did Hamilton say about the alliance Treaty with France?

In 1793, France, under the leadership of Napoleon, declared war on Spain, Great Britain, and Holland. Hamilton argued that the United States did not need to honor the 1778 treaty because it had been an agreement with the king of France, not with the new French Republic established during the French Revolution.

Who was the French ambassador that campaigned for French support in America?

As Franklin recognized his popularity and the French culture, he won supporters for America and raised vast sums of money on credit from the French. Franklin’s term as ambassador lasted until 1785 and was substituted by Thomas Jefferson. At his return he was made president of the State of Pennsylvania.

Who did the French ally with in the French and Indian War?

The Delawares and Shawnees became France’s most important allies. Shawnees and Delawares, originally “dependents” of the Iroquois, had migrated from Pennsylvania to the upper Ohio Valley during the second quarter of the 18th century as did numerous Indian peoples from other areas.

How did Benjamin Franklin convince the French?

The French opened Franklin with open arms, and he became a pop culture icon. The cagey diplomat used that factor, combined with news of the British occupation of Philadelphia, to convince the French to provide financial and eventually military support to the revolutionary effort in America.

Who wrote the Treaty of Alliance with France?

Why did France signed the Treaty of Alliance?

The Treaty of Alliance was signed immediately after the Treaty of Amity and Commerce, in which France was the first nation to formally recognize the U.S. as a sovereign nation; this treaty had also established mutual commercial and navigation rights between the two nations, in direct defiance of the British Acts of …

How was French aid secured by American diplomats?

How was French aid secured by American diplomats? American Diplomats traveled to Paris to negotiate a treaty with the French. After the battle of Yorktown, the French saw the colonists were worthy of their aid. Therefore, they made their treaty seem as enticing as they could.

Who did Hamilton support in the French Revolution?

Alexander Hamilton (1755–1804) represented the Federalist Party perspective on events in France. He, and they, supported the moderate phase of the Revolution, which they understood to be about U.S.–style liberty, but detested the attacks on security and property that took place during the Terror.