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Who invented Ditch Witch?

Who invented Ditch Witch?

Ed” Malzahn
Edwin “Ed” Malzahn, 94, Inventor of Compact Trencher and Founder of Ditch Witch.

Why is it called Ditch Witch?

‘ We began looking for words to put with ‘ditch. ‘ It was getting late in the day, and ‘witch’ rhymed, so that was it, Ditch Witch was the name.” Ed Malzahn on the world’s first service line trencherIn 1951, Malzahn placed the first Ditch Witch ad in Popular Mechanics magazine; it was one column wide, 2 inches deep.

Is Ditch Witch Made in the USA?

“Handcrafted in Perry, Oklahoma, Ditch Witch products are an important part of the history of American industry.

Where are Ditch Witch products made?

Perry, Oklahoma
Still based in Perry, Oklahoma, the company designs and manufactures a wide variety of high-quality underground construction equipment: trenchers, vibratory plows, pneumatic piercing tools, backhoes, electronic guidance and locating tools, horizontal directional drilling systems, drill pipe, downhole tools, vacuum …

How deep can a Ditch Witch dig?

Our depths range from 12 inches up to 48 inches.”

Who is the president of Ditch Witch?

Kevin Smith –
Kevin Smith – GM/President – Ditch Witch | LinkedIn.

What are Ditch Witches used for?

Uses for the Ditch Witch The Ditch Witch was designed to dig small trenches. There have been machines such as steam shovels and wheel trenchers available for more than a century to dig big trenches, but such machines are unsuitable for small trenches such as the ones used to carry water, power and telephone lines.

Where is Ditch Witch headquarters?

Perry, OK
Ditch Witch/Headquarters locations

How much is a Ditch Witch SK1050?

Compared to other Ditch Witch SK1050 listed for sale, this item has a HIGH PRICE. Taking only age into consideration, the UEG target price for this item is $31,425, which is why this item has a HIGH PRICE with a fair market price being between $31,183 and $31,667.

What is the smallest Ditch Witch?

SK600 mini skid
Designed for small-scale landscape and irrigation jobs, the Ditch Witch SK600 mini skid steer has a narrow frame for better maneuverability in tight, compact spaces. The small, yet mighty machine delivers industry-leading power to the attachment for enhanced jobsite productivity and versatility.

What does it cost to rent a Ditch Witch?

On average, most Ditch Witch trencher machines can be rented for $130 to $300 for the day, depending upon the exact model and where you rent it. If you wanted to rent it for the week, the costs could drop by the day and could cost $400 to $600 per seven days.

Who does Ditch Witch work?

Charles Machine Works
Ditch Witch, a trade name of Charles Machine Works, is an American brand of underground utility construction equipment, which has been in operation since 1949. It is the leading subsidiary of Charles Machine Works, headquartered in Perry, Oklahoma.

When was the First Ditch Witch machine made?

Innovation of Ditch Witch machines started in the 1940s when a compact trenching machine was created to replace the pick and shovel for installation of underground residential utility services. The Ditch Witch organization specializes in the design and manufacture of underground construction equipment.

What kind of excavator is the Ditch Witch?

The Ditch Witch FX60 Vacuum Excavator. Ditch Witch, a trade name of Charles Machine Works, is an American brand of underground utility construction equipment, which has been in operation since 1949.

How big was the trench in the Ditch Witch?

The buckets were attached in sequence onto an endless moving chain that carried them down a ladder type mechanism to chew out chunks of soil, then upward to dump the spoil in neat piles on the ground as they began the downward descent to bring up more dirt. A 6-inch wide trench with a digging depth of 30 inches was the goal.