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Who is KD Idol?

Who is KD Idol?

Kevin Durant: LeBron is ‘My F—ing Idol’ Still, Durant says he idolizes James, the player who has often overshadowed him through the years. “That was the best moment I ever had,” Durant told Baron. “I made the game-winning shot in the finals against my f—ing idol.

Who is better KD or LeBron James?

This season, it certainly looks like Kevin Durant has been the superior overall player compared to LeBron James. He has always been the better scorer, but now he has developed a complete game in making strides in passing and defense. LeBron has won two NBA Finals, including one against KD’s Thunder.

Who is more efficient LeBron or KD?

Combined Stats And Record LeBron’s stats tell us that he is the better overall player. His rebounds and assists are both higher than Durant’s, including his assists numbers that double KD. The shooting percentages are close, while the true shooting percentages are closer if you factor in the regular season.

Who inspired KD basketball?

He grew up just outside of DC in Seat Pleasant, Maryland. His mother, Wanda Pratt, raised him together with his grandmother. At the age of 10 Kevin decided he was going to be a basketball player. His mother said she would help him and kept on him his whole career about working extra hard and keeping in shape.

Is Curry better than Durant?

Curry is a three-time NBA champion compared to Durant’s two rings. Curry also has the better NBA Finals record too. In the NBA Finals, Curry is 3-2 over five appearances, while Durant is 2-2 in four appearances. Now if Brooklyn can win an NBA championship this season, then we can talk.

Did KD carry the Warriors?

As we know, Durant decided to sign with the Warriors in the 2016 offseason, after losing to that same Golden State squad in the Western Conference Finals. It was a cardinal sin in the eyes of Thunder fans, but still the perfect decision to KD.

Did Kevin Durant grow in the NBA?

Durant continued to grow during his first few years in the NBA, finally reaching a height of 6 ft 11 in (2.11 m). With a scoring average of 30.1 points per game, Durant became the youngest NBA scoring champion and was selected to his first All-NBA team.

Does Giannis have a girlfriend?

Mariah Riddlesprigger
Giannis Antetokounmpo/Partner

How many 3s has Steph Curry made in his career?

3,366 3-pointers
In draining nine 3-pointers against the Bulls, Curry has now made a total of 3,366 3-pointers in his NBA career, regular season and playoffs combined..