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Who is the leader of BloodClan in warrior cats?

Who is the leader of BloodClan in warrior cats?

BloodClan is a group of feral cats from Twolegplace that don’t abide by the warrior code. Their founding leader, Scourge, took his name from a phrase that his mother told him.

Who was the first ever Warrior cat?

The very first leader was Riverstar, who was a loner that met the cats that came from the mountains. At the beginning of The Prophecies Begin arc, RiverClan was led by Crookedstar, with Oakheart as deputy. RiverClan is currently led by Mistystar with Reedwhisker as deputy.

What was scourges Kittypet name?

A Pet into the Wild: Scourge was a kittypet named “Tiny”, who fled his home after his sister told him that any kittens that humans didn’t want were thrown into a river. Later on, Scourge’s littermates Socks and Ruby, who had been adopted by Twolegs, became strays when their Twolegs abandoned them after moving away.

Does Cloudtail ever become leader?

Cloudtail becomes annoyed with Foxkit and Icekit when he hears them shouting that ShadowClan is attacking, and is relieved when they are finally apprenticed.

Who is the leader of BloodClan now?

Habitat: Twolegplace
Traits: Bloodthirsty, violent
Current Leader: Leader

Is scourge a kittypet?

Scourge was the founder and the first leader of BloodClan. He was born as Tiny to Quince and Jake along with his siblings, Socks and Ruby, as a kittypet. After a run-in with Tigerpaw that nearly killed him, Tiny fled to the Twolegplace. Scourge was killed in battle by Firestar after the ThunderClan leader was revived.

Who killed Firestar?

If you still don’t believe that Firestar was actually killed by Tigerstar, here’s a relevant quote from The Ultimate Guide. It’s on page 74, Tigerstar’s section. “Face-to-face with his enemy Firestar, Tigerstar struck the fatal blow that took the ThunderClan leader’s ninth life.

Who is Firestar’s half brother?

Trivia. Scourge is revealed to be the half-brother of Firestar since they both share the same father in Jake.

Who is the fourth cat in the prophecy?

Former ThunderClan leader Bluestar tells Jayfeather that the fourth cat in the prophecy is Firestar.