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Who is the owner of educomp?

Who is the owner of educomp?

Shantanu Prakash
Educomp was a sort of star circa 2008-12. Founded and run by Shantanu Prakash, an alumnus of IIM-Ahmedabad and Delhi’s Shri Ram College of Commerce, it sold ‘Smartclass’ – hardware for digitally equipping classrooms – to thousands of schools and seemed to have hit upon a great idea in the ever-growing education sector.

Should we invest in educomp?

In most segments, Educomp is the market leader with no serious competition. Based on estimated strong earnings growth and dearth of other similar investment options in education space, we recommend BUY on Educomp with 1-year target price of Rs817 (15x FY12E EPS).

What is educomp education?

Educomp Solutions Ltd is India’s largest integrated education company. They also operate schools under The Millennium School brand name; design training institutes under Raffles Millennium International brand name; and ETEN a tele-education network.

What is educomp smart class in schools?

Educomp SmartSchool is the next generation of Educomp’s SmartLearning suite of products for schools. Our 3D content immerses students into a new world of multi sensory learning, and the assessment system, Educomp Insight, allows schools and parents to track where students are, in their cognitive development.

What happened to Educomp Solutions?

Cut to 2020, Prakash’s company Educomp Solutions is bankrupt and on February 11, he was booked by Central Board of Investigation (CBI). The CBI on February 11 registered a case against Educomp Solutions, Prakash and another individual for alleged bank fraud.

What went wrong with educomp?

What happened educomp?

Who invented smart class?

Educomp SmartClass
The school has installed the Educomp SmartClass which is a digital initiative pioneered and invented by Educomp. Smart class is a way that teaches students What Learning Can Be. It’s a mode by which students are taught by modern means.

Why did educomp fail?

Basically, Educomp’s loans to schools went bad, so banks’ loans to Educomp went bad. Its revenues shrunk by threefourths between 2012 and 2017. Prakash blamed Educomp’s early entry into the business for its financial troubles. “There was no equity funding available at the time,” he said.

Can smart class replace teachers?

A teacher leads, guides, facilitates and mentors a student. They are role models who set an example to students and drive them towards a brighter future. Though beneficial, technologies can never replace a teacher. …

What are the disadvantages of smart classes?

Disadvantages of Smart Classrooms:

  • Costly: The technology used in the smart classrooms is very expensive.
  • Skilled Faculty: All teachers cannot use smart technology for teaching.
  • Maintenance: Like all electronic gadgets, the gadgets used in smart classrooms require proper maintenance.

Are smart classes enough?

Use of smart learning system increases the interaction of teachers and students, as they follow each other in the process and it becomes easy for teachers as well, to keep a track on students learning power. Also, the use of smart classes and modern technology eases the learning process for all students.