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Who was the body under the patio in Brookside?

Who was the body under the patio in Brookside?

Trevor Jordache
Trevor Jordache is a character played by Bryan Murray in Brookside. The character only appeared in the soap briefly in 1993, but was a feature in the programme until his body was discovered in 1995 in one of the most memorable storylines of its history.

Who was Anna Wolska in Brookside?

So was Dean Sullivan who portrayed Jimmy Corkhill and Alex Fletcher who played Jacqui Dixon for 13 years. Also in the line-up was Louis Emerick, who played Mick Johnson, Kazia Pelka (Anna Wolska), and Gabrielle Glaister (Patricia Farnham).

Why was Brookside Cancelled?

Although the series had a long and successful run, its viewing figures were in terminal decline by 2000, and low ratings eventually led to its cancellation in June 2003. The final episode was broadcast on 4 November 2003 and was watched by around two million viewers.

What happened to the houses on Brookside Close?

After the end of Brookside the entire close was sold to a developer who then stripped, gutted and attempted to rebuild the interior of the houses before putting them up for sale in 2007. But the semi-finished properties didn’t sell and the developer went into receivership with the houses falling into neglect and decay.

Was Brookside close a real street?

Almost as an afterthought, it added: “The houses were formerly used as the set of the Channel 4 Brookside television series.” “Officially known as 43-67 (odd) Brookside, West Derby, Liverpool, Merseyside, L12 0BA, but better known to most of us as the fictional setting for the TV soap opera Brookside.”

Who were the families in Brookside?

Number 10

Family Characters
Taylor Gavin Taylor (died 1982), Petra Taylor (died 1983)
Jackson George Jackson, Marie Jackson, Gary Jackson, little George Jackson
Corkhill Billy Corkhill (left 1990), Doreen Corkhill (left 1987), Sheila Corkhill (1988–90), Rod Corkhill, Tracy Corkhill
Corkhill Rod Corkhill 1985-1993, Diana Corkhill

What was Kazia Pelka in?

Kazia Pelka (born 1962) is a British actress who has worked primarily in British television, appearing in the drama series Brookside in the early 1990s, the period police drama series Heartbeat in the late 1990s, the police drama series The Bill, and the British Broadcasting Corporation medical drama series Doctors.

What has kazia pelka appeared in?

Body of Water2020
Heartbeat: Changing PlacesWilliam & Catherine: A Royal Romance2011Dirty God2019A Little Bit Country2012
Kazia Pelka/Appears in

Who played Beth’s mum in Brookside?

Sandra Maitland played long-suffering Mandy Jordache in Brookside. Sadly it was her abusive husband Trevor Jordache who made Mandy’s character so memorable.

Who found Trevor Jordache?

Eddie Banks
Brookside events 30th January – Trevor Jordache’s body is found by Eddie Banks and Jimmy Corkhill, having been secretly buried for 2 years.

Are the Brookside houses still there?

Although the show came to an end in 2003, Mersey TV hung on to Brookside Close for another two years before the houses and Redmond’s company were bought for £40m by All3Media in 2005. The close then passed to a property developer who refurbished all the houses. Since then, they have lain vacant.

Where was Liverpool Brookside set?

Brookside differed from other soap operas because it was filmed in real, brand-new houses in a real cul-de-sac, situated off Deysbrook Lane in the Croxteth area of Liverpool. Built by Broseley Homes, the houses were custom-built in an attempt by the producers to add to the show’s realism.