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Why are the mountains cooler than the plains answer?

Why are the mountains cooler than the plains answer?

With increasing altitude or altitude, the temperature decreases. The height of the mountains is much higher than that of the plains, and their temperature is lower than that of the plains. The atmosphere is warmed by radiation from below the earth. That is why the mountains are cooler than the plains.

Why are hills cooler during summer class 9?

Why hills are cooler during summer season? Answer: It is because as one goes from the surface of the earth to higher altitudes, the atmosphere becomes less dense and temperature decreases. That is why hills are cooler in summer.

Why are mountains colder when they are closer to the sun?

When the air is high on the mountain, it spreads out. This is like your big square. The same amount of heat is now in a bigger space, so it is more spread out. So the air is colder on top of mountains because there is less air pressure.

Why are the mountains cooler than the plains Brainly?

EXPLANATION: Mountains are located in high elevations and plains are located in low elevations. Their respective heights are measured by term called as their height above sea level. The plains located in lower altitudes have less variations of temperature and are less colder than mountains.

Why it is warmer in summer and colder in winter?

Answer. Because the earth’s axis is tilted. Many people believe that the temperature changes because the Earth is closer to the sun in summer and farther from the sun in winter. In fact, the Earth is farthest from the sun in July and is closest to the sun in January!

Why the hill stations are cooler?

One of the factors which affect the climate of a place is the altitude. At a higher altitude, the atmosphere is less dense and the temperature decreases. As a result, hill stations are cooler than the mainland.

Why Ooty is cool in summer?

The reason it has a cool climate is cause of its position in Western Ghat. The air on the earth surface at ground level gets heated up due to the suns radiation and climbs the slopes of western ghats. And ooty is located at high altitudes when ever air reaches it, it is very much cool and pleasant.

Why hills are cooler than plains?

The reason of cold climate in hills than plains is because of the adiabatic nature of Earth’s atmosphere. Thus, the density of air is the highest on the ground (plains) and reduces as you go higher (like up a mountain). Since our bodies sense this heat as temperature, the higher you go, the cooler it is.

Why is it cold in the mountains if heat rises?

So when warm air rises, it cools off. Above a certain level, the atmosphere loses heat to space faster than is can be warmed either directly (by sunlight) or indirectly (from the ground) so it gets colder and colder.

Why is it colder in the mountains if heat rises?

The basic answer is that the farther away you get from the earth, the thinner the atmosphere gets. The total heat content of a system is directly related to the amount of matter present, so it is cooler at higher elevations.

Why are mountain top colder as compared to plains?

It has more to do with air pressure. Like all gases, the air in our atmosphere is a poor conductor—because it’s not dense with particles. So, even though they’re closer to the sun, thin air in the mountains keeps them colder than the thicker air in the lowlands surrounding them.