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Why did RVD get suspended?

Why did RVD get suspended?

The officer then performed a search of the car and discovered RVD to be holding 18 grams of marijuana alongside five Vicodins while Sabu was found holding drug paraphernalia and nine tablets of Testolactone. When WWE learned of the arrest, they suspended RVD for 30 days.

How much does RVD make?

Rob Van Dam net worth: Rob Van Dam is an American professional wrestler who has a net worth of $5 million dollars. Rob Van Dam, also known as Robert Alex Szatkoswki, was born in Battle Creek, Michigan, and began his wrestling career in Ohio in the late 80s, after training under The Sheik.

Who does RVD work for?

Rob Van Dam is still active in the wrestling industry, and according to the man himself, you will be seeing him in a WWE project on the horizon. RVD first rose to prominence in the 1990s as part of ECW.

Was RVD a stoner?

4 Rob Van Dam Unsurprisingly, RVD is considered the biggest stoner in wrestling history, and he remained a huge advocate for marijuana throughout his career. One incident where RVD’s love of smoking weed came back to bite him occurred when he and Sabu got arrested for possession of weed and various other drugs in 2006.

Who did RVD lose the WWE title to?

Realizing the terrible publicity this could generate for the company, Vince McMahon hurriedly booked RVD to lose the WWE Championship to Edge on July 3, before dropping the ECW Championship to The Big Show the following night.

What happened to RVD?

A drug arrest was grounds for immediate dismissal under WWE’s Wellness Policy at the time, but instead, RVD was suspended for 30 days. As part of his punishment, he dropped both of his world titles in a week; first the WWE title to Edge and then the ECW title to Big Show.

Who is RVD wife?

Katie Forbesm. 2021
Sonia Van Damm. 1998–2018
Rob Van Dam/Wife

Is RVD chemotherapy?

RVd (Revlimid® + Velcade® + dexamethasone) is a Chemotherapy Regimen for Multiple Myeloma (MM)

Is RVD an impact?

Rob Van Dam and Katie Forbes are no longer with Impact Wrestling, according to a report from PWInsider. Van Dam had reportedly not been under contract with Impact for awhile and had been working on a series of short-term agreements.

Can WWE wrestlers take steroids?

Steroid use in WWE has changed, and we have come a long way regarding wellness, well-being, and drug testing. Nowadays, wrestlers are regularly tested for performance-enhancing drugs such as HGH and steroids. If violations are made, fines and suspensions are handed out accordingly.

What does Rob Van Dam do now?

After leaving WWE in 2007, Van Dam worked on the independent circuit until he signed a contract with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) in 2010. Then, he would stay in the independent circuit, also wrestling from 2019 to 2020 with TNA, now known as Impact Wrestling. In 2021, he was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.