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Why does Scrooge not give money to the poor?

Why does Scrooge not give money to the poor?

Scrooge sees nothing wrong with refusing to donate to charity because he believes that people in need of charity are all idle, and if they would work, they would not be in need. Scrooge’s interest should be in fellow human beings — in helping them and loving them — not in counting his own wealth.

Why doesn’t Scrooge want to help the charity workers cause?

He believes that the poor do not need or deserve to be helped by being given comfort and food. He believes that he already pays enough taxes for the “workhouses” where he they should go. Dickens portrays Scrooge as a shallow and uncharitable to represent the business owners of the day who did not engage with charity.

Why does Scrooge only care about money?

Scrooge really is so interested in his own profit that he doesn’t make her stay with him because he realizes that she is right about his priorities. Because money is all that matters to him, money is all he is left with.

How does Scrooge feel about charity for the poor and unfortunate?

Scrooge clearly does not care for the poor or the unfortunate. He feels that they cost enough and it is not his business to get involved in the lives of others because he is so occupied with his own.

Did Scrooge donate to the poor?

In the end, Scrooge’s charity gave to the poor what they really wanted: food, time, wealth. Well, it’s the holidays, so it’s time to think about Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol.

How does Scrooge view the poor?

Scrooge is apathetic about the plight of the poor. He believes that his taxes pay for the prisons and workhouses, so he doesn’t feel the needs to donate anything to charity. Scrooge knows that poverty is awful, but his fear has made him selfish towards those in need.

How does Scrooge react when people request money for the poor?

Scrooge dismisses the charity collectors Scrooge refuses to give them a donation, claiming that the prisons and workhouses should provide for such people. He declares that if they cannot go to prison or the workhouses the poor should die ‘and decrease the surplus population’.

What did Scrooge spend his money on?

He spends it on nothing—not even himself. This makes everyone around him miserable, particularly Bob Crachit, who spends Christmas Eve in a freezing little office fueled by, at best, one lump of coal. The thing is, though, Scrooge doesn’t spend any money on himself, either.

What caused Scrooge to focus more on money and business than on people?

What do you think caused Scrooge to focus more on money and business than on people? I think this is because he didn’t have a good life and he had no family and kids and he has always been dule. Describe the Ghost of Christmas Present. Describe the Cratchit’s home, dinner and family.

What does Scrooge say about the poor to the portly gentleman?

Needless to say, Charles Dickens grew to hate the system and rail against it in his works. In his seminal novella “A Christmas Carol,” Ebenezer Scrooge is visited by two portly men raising money for the poor. “Are there no prisons?” asked Scrooge. “Plenty of prisons,” said the gentleman, laying down the pen again.

Does Scrooge give money?

He gave the Cratchits a large goose, which he knew from the Ghost of Christmas Present the Cratchits really wanted. He spent a lot of time playing with his family. He gave Bob Cratchit a pay raise.

How does Scrooge help the poor at the end?

In a blur, Scrooge runs into the street and offers to pay the first boy he meets a huge sum to deliver a great Christmas turkey to Bob Cratchit’s. As time passes, Scrooge is as good as his word: He helps the Cratchits and becomes a second father to Tiny Tim who does not die as predicted in the ghost’s ominous vision.