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Why is it called Carry on Jack?

Why is it called Carry on Jack?

Due to problems with the British Board of Film Classification relating to the name of the film, producer Peter Rogers sought permission from screenwriter Talbot Rothwell to change the film’s title from “Up the Armada” to “Carry on Jack (1963)”, though this was not actually contractually required.

Why was Sid James not in carry on Jack?

Contrary to popular mythology, both Sid James and Barbara Windsor were not dropped from the Carry On series because of pressure from the Rank Organisation concerning the fact that they were too old to play lusty bloke and busty dolly bird.

Where did they film Carry on Jack?

Juliet Mills, Donald Houston and Cecil Parker make their only Carry on appearances in this film. Carry On Jack was the second of the series to be filmed in colour and the first Carry On film with a historical setting and period costumes….

Carry On Jack
Language English
Budget £152,000

Who played Sally in Carry On Jack?

Juliet Mills
Cast & Crew

Main cast
Juliet Mills Sally
Charles Hawtrey Walter Sweetley
Donald Houston First Officer Jonathan Howett
Percy Herbert Angel, the Bosun

Was Juliet Mills in Carry On films?

She progressed to film work and then to television, playing the lead role on the sitcom Nanny and the Professor in the early 1970s. She received Golden Globe Award nominations for her work in this series and for her role in the film Avanti! in 1972….

Juliet Mills
Years active 1942–present

When was carry on Jack made?

February 23, 1964
Carry On Jack/Initial release

Is Bernard Bresslaw dead?

June 11, 1993
Bernard Bresslaw/Date of death

Who is Max Caulfield married to?

Juliet Millsm. 1980
Maxwell Caulfield/Spouse

Who is Hayley Mills married to?

Roy Boultingm. 1971–1977
Hayley Mills/Spouse

Is Sid James in Carry On Jack?

Alas, some regulars are missing, making this one of the less memorable productions in the series. Bernard Cribbins in the lead role doesn’t carry the same clout as Sid James at his distastefully smutty best, but longtime.

Was Bernard Bresslaw married?

Betty Wrightm. 1959–1993
Bernard Bresslaw/Spouse

Bresslaw was married to the dancer Betty Wright from 1959 until his death in 1993. They had three sons: James, Mark and Jonathan.

How tall was Bernard Bresslaw in feet and inches?

6′ 7″
Bernard Bresslaw/Height