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Why is my daughter binding her breasts?

Why is my daughter binding her breasts?

Some transgender teens say they buy binders so that they can “pass” as male or to diminish feelings of discomfort with the body known as body dysphoria. And though wearing binders is temporary, their use can be associated with later medical transition.

Is it safe to bind at 13?

Although binding comes with some risks and potential side effects, it’s considered safe if you do it responsibly. Do not allow your teen to bind with “DIY” materials such as bandages or tape because these can cause serious injury.

What do chest binders do?

A chest binder is anything used to bind and flatten the breast tissue to minimize its outward appearance. In addition to commercial binders, which are specially designed to bind the chest, common chest binding methods include: Wearing multiple sports bras.

How much does a binder cost?

Stick to the binders that have “extreme” in the name or description as a binder without this label may not give you the compression you hoped for unless you have a very small chest already. Prices range from $25-45 USD. gc2b Transitional Apparel provides high quality FTM chest binders at an affordable price, $33-35.

What is the gender dysphoria?

Gender dysphoria is a term that describes a sense of unease that a person may have because of a mismatch between their biological sex and their gender identity. This sense of unease or dissatisfaction may be so intense it can lead to depression and anxiety and have a harmful impact on daily life.

Do binders stop breast growth?

Binding. Binding involves wrapping material tightly around the breasts to flatten them. It will not shrink breast tissue or prevent the breasts from growing, but binding can help the breasts look smaller and may make a person feel more comfortable. Talk to a doctor about the safest way to use a binder.

Is it safe for a 14 year old to bind?

It’s true that binding can be dangerous if done incorrectly. However, the converse is also true—if done smartly and with health concerns in mind, binding can be very safe! Binding can be a huge relief and confidence booster for transgender and genderqueer people who don’t feel comfortable with their bodies.

Do you wear a bra with a binder?

We don’t recommend wearing anything underneath your binder, especially things that compress! Sports bras in particular compress already. Although I do hear you saying that your sports bra is old and might not compress anymore, taking it off is probably best.

Does wearing a binder hurt?

Risks and side effects of binding Binding can affect skin, muscles, and movement, particularly over long periods of time. Wearing binders that are too tight can cause underlying tissue and muscle damage, prevent free movement, and even restrict a person’s ability to breathe.

Can you swim with a binder on?

The material will not be damaged by water or swimming. We suggest wearing a size up from your regular fit, as it is important not to bind too tightly while exercising. Be sure to stretch and breathe, and follow healthy binding etiquette. Rinse and dry the binder after swimming to get salt/dirt/chlorine out.

How do I know if Im Genderfluid?

A gender-fluid person might identify as a woman one day and a man the next. They might also identify as agender, bigender, or another nonbinary identity. Some gender-fluid people feel that the changes in their identity are extreme, while others might feel that they’re arbitrary.