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How did Karana build her house?

How did Karana build her house?

To construct her fence, Karana uses the ribs of two whales that washed ashore years before. She plants them in the ground and ties them together with kelp. The house takes longer to build, partially because there are so few trees on the island that grow straight or tall enough to make poles.

Where does Karana build her house?

the headland
She decides to build near the headland where she has been staying. After hiding from the storm for a couple of days, Karana sets out to gather her materials to build her new home.

How did Karana keep track of time?

By Scott O’Dell The Aleuts never return to the island and the otters start to migrate to Tall Rock during the summer. That same summer, Karana stops keeping track of time as she normally has by marking a pole beside her house.

What did Karana use as a guide to find her way to the East country where Kimki had gone?

She gave up hope of seeing the ship and couldn’t wait any longer. What did she use as a guide to find her way to the East country where Kimki had gone? 3) the sun.

What does Karana require in a shelter?

What is the first thing Karana needs to do in order to survive? Using specific quotes from text. She needs to find shelter and she needs to consider the wind, distance from Coral Cove, and if it is near a good spring. She also needed to consider the wild dogs.

Why does Karana choose to build her home on the headland?

She decides not to try to cross the sea again. Since Karana will be staying on the island, she decides to build herself a house and a place to store her food. Karana chooses the headland since the area to the west is where the wild dogs live, and is home to the sea elephants.

Where does Karana go to live after her brother’s death?

Many days pass after Ramo is killed, and on one foggy morning Karana decides to leave the village forever. She burns the houses down one by one, and sets out to the place where she has decided to wait for the white men’s ship, west of Coral Cove.

Who made up karanas new family?

In the spring, when birds come back to the island, Tainor and Lurai build a nest in the tree near Karana’s house. They have two babies, which Karana trains in the same way she did their Tainor and Lurai. Karana also finds a young gull that as fallen out of its nest and broken its leg.

What did Karana find in the cave that was set on fire?

After she has finished her new house in the cave, Karana returns to the beach, where she finds the corpse of the old sea elephant.

Why did Karana jump from the ship that carried her tribe?

Why did Karana jump from the ship that carried her tribe? She noticed that the blue dolphins were no longer following it. She saw her little brother running with his fishing spear along the cliff. She could not bear to leave the place where her father had died.