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How do I find a good travel guide?

How do I find a good travel guide?

Websites to Find Local Tour Guides – Worldwide

  1. Viator. Viator is the industry leader in tours, activities, attraction tickets and local tour guides with more than 1,300 destinations worldwide.
  2. Tours by Locals.
  3. Getzeeno.
  4. GuruWalk.
  5. Rent a Guide.
  6. With locals.
  7. Tour HQ.
  8. Show Around.

Are travel guides worth it?

Guidebooks give you so much more when planning a trip. Blogs will give you a good overview, but guide books go into language, history, food and culture in much more depth. And it’s all in one place. You don’t have to save a load of links or different sites, instead, everything is in one place.

Which is a better travel guide Fodors or Frommers?

Both are reliable and comprehensive. Fodor’s is front-loaded with lots of context on culture, history and things one should know before they begin the actual planning. It then includes itineraries for various time periods. Frommer’s is the reverse, kicking off the book with what to do and following it up with context.

Are Lonely Planet guides worth it?

The Lonely Planet series offers comprehensive, no-nonsense facts, low- and mid-budget listings, and helpful on-the-ground travel tips. They’re highly selective and a bit stingy with information, but great for trip planning and dreaming.

What do travel guides look like?

A guide book or travel guide is “a book of information about a place designed for the use of visitors or tourists”. It will usually include information about sights, accommodation, restaurants, transportation, and activities. Maps of varying detail and historical and cultural information are often included.

How do I find a local guide when traveling alone?

As a solo traveler, it’s helpful to have a local to take you around….Seven Ways to Find a Free Tour Guide

  1. Ask Friends.
  2. Global Greeters.
  3. Meet-ups through
  4. Free Walking Tours – Lots of Options From Berlin to San Francisco to Tel Aviv and Tokyo, there are free walking tours everywhere.

Do people still use travel guides?

Recent research suggests that although most people are using the Internet as a source of travel information, most people still rely on travel guidebooks during their travels. The majority of travelers were traveling for leisure purposes.

What is a Michelin Green Guide?

The Michelin Green Guides review and rate attractions other than restaurants. There is a Green Guide for France as a whole, and a more detailed one for each of ten regions within France. Other Green Guides cover many countries, regions, and cities outside France. Many Green Guides are published in several languages.

Are Rough Guides good?

Rough Guides Much like Lonely Planet, it’s a bulky book with fewer pictures than I’d like but, unlike Lonely Planet, its pages are colour-coded and each section starts with an image or two. That said; it’s the heaviest and most cumbersome book in the test, so is better suited to pre-trip planning.

What do you do with old travel guides?

5 things to do with your old guidebooks

  1. Guidebooks are obviously good for helping you plan a trip. But what do you do with the book when your trip is over?
  2. Sell them online.
  3. Sell them to a bookstore.
  4. Swap them.
  5. Leave them behind.
  6. Give them to the library.

How do I create a travel guidebook?

Wanderguide is the Best Way to Make a Travel Guide

  1. Add places, Restaurants and Tours. Add your favorite restaurants, bars, landmarks, experiences, and tours to your guide in one click.
  2. Customize Your Guide.
  3. Personal Notes and Commments.
  4. Upload your own Photos.
  5. View your Guide on a Map.
  6. Organize your Guide into Collections.

Where do travel guides work?

Industry profile for Tour and Travel Guides:

Industry Employment (1) Percent of industry employment
Museums, Historical Sites, and Similar Institutions 13,710 9.49
Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Water 440 3.93
Travel Arrangement and Reservation Services 6,480 3.54
Scenic and Sightseeing Transportation, Other 70 2.97