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How do I get into Stormdrain Tower?

How do I get into Stormdrain Tower?

If you want to get into Stormdrain Tower, finish all the quests on Triton Avenue, Cyclops Way, and Firecat Alley. You get into there as one of the final quests of WC.

How do you get to the Haunted Cave in wizard101?

The Haunted Cave is located near the end of Triton Avenue which you can locate from starting from Wizard City, then go into the Shopping District, and then Olde Town where you will find Triton Avenue which is the only non-member zone you can go into without buying crowns or membership.

Where is Nightshades tower in Wizard 101?

Lord Nightshade is the strongest boss in Wizard City in the main quest line. He was influenced by Malistaire to control the undead of Wizard City and destroy it. He resides in Stormdrain Tower, located at the end of the Haunted Cave.

What does Lord nightshade drop permanent mounts?

Unfortunately, the only PERMANENT mount that Lord Nightshade drops is the Stormrider Hare. This mount is only available during Easter, so you will have to wait until then to try to get it.

Where is Gobblestone Castle?

Wizard City
Gobblestone Castle is a castle on Colossus Boulevard in Wizard City. It is occupied by the Gobbler King and his son, Prince Gobblestone, who took it over during the invasion of Colossus Boulevard and use it as their royal palace.

What do you get from sunken city Wizard101?

Normal Harvest

  • Deep Mushroom.
  • Ore.
  • Red Mandrake.

How do you get to dark cave in wizard101 for free?

The Dark Cave can be accessed for free when you purchase either Firecat Alley or Cyclops Lane with Crowns.

Where is the Unicorn way Smith?

Unicorn Way Smith is near the Hedge Maze when you go to the front door turn around and you will see him in the front.

Where is Krokopatra?

Krokopatra is the supreme ruler of Krokotopians in Krokotopia….Creature:Krokopatra.

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Krokotopia Temple of Storms

How do you unlock Lord nightshade?

Lord Nightshade is a Death School Creature and the strongest boss in Wizard City. You can receive the quest by talking to Merle Ambrose, the founder of Wizard City. The Lord Nightshade quest is only available after you have finished all other quests in Wizard City. Travel to Wizard City.

How do you unlock Colossus Boulevard?

Obtain 750 crowns or purchase a game membership. Without one of the two, you cannot enter Colossus Boulevard. Speak to Merle and he will send you on a quest to find Private O’Doyle. The private has the key to Colossus Boulevard.