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What are the cities surrounding Sacramento?

What are the cities surrounding Sacramento?


  • Carmichael.
  • Rancho Cordova.
  • Elk Grove.
  • Fair Oaks.
  • Davis.
  • Citrus Heights.
  • Roseville.
  • Rocklin.

What small towns are near Sacramento?

Davis. Suburb of Sacramento, CA. Rating 4.1 out of 5 347 reviews.

  • Folsom. Town in California.
  • Gold River. Suburb of Sacramento, CA.
  • Granite Bay. Suburb of Sacramento, CA.
  • Rocklin. Suburb of Sacramento, CA.
  • El Dorado Hills. Suburb of Sacramento, CA.
  • Roseville. City in California.
  • Rancho Murieta. Town in California.
  • What cities are an hour away from Sacramento?

    Cities 1 hour from Sacramento

    • 59 minutes: Crockett, CA.
    • 59 minutes: Benicia, CA.
    • 58 minutes: Pollock Pines, CA.
    • 58 minutes: Linden, CA.
    • 58 minutes: Sutter Creek, CA.
    • 57 minutes: Lathrop, CA.
    • 57 minutes: Vallejo, CA.
    • 56 minutes: American Canyon, CA.

    What cities are 2 hours away from Sacramento?

    Cities 2 hours from North Sacramento

    • 1 hr 56 min: Fremont, CA.
    • 1 hr 54 min: Alum Rock, CA.
    • 1 hr 51 min: South San Francisco, CA.
    • 1 hr 51 min: Merced, CA.

    What cities are 50 miles from Sacramento?

    Cities 50 miles from Sacramento

    • 49 miles: Jackson, CA.
    • 48 miles: Coloma, CA.
    • 48 miles: Stockton, CA.
    • 47 miles: Suisun City, CA.
    • 47 miles: Weimar, CA.
    • 46 miles: Sutter Creek, CA.
    • 45 miles: Placerville, CA.
    • 44 miles: Meadow Vista, CA.

    What cities make up Sacramento County?

    Sacramento County

    • Citrus Heights.
    • Elk Grove.
    • Folsom.
    • Galt.
    • Isleton.
    • Rancho Cordova.
    • Sacramento.

    What is the best neighborhood to live in Sacramento?

    The 5 Best Neighborhoods in Sacramento: A Guide

    1. Best Neighborhood for Singles: Downtown Sacramento.
    2. Best Neighborhood for Students and Young Professionals: Davis.
    3. Best Neighborhood for Outdoor Enthusiasts: El Dorado Hills.
    4. Best Neighborhood for Retirees: Gold River.
    5. Best Neighborhood for Families: Folsom.

    How many cities are in Sacramento?

    The geographic boundaries of the County of Sacramento include seven incorporated cities. Varying from quaint Isleton to cosmopolitan Sacramento, each of these cities contributes a rich and unique dimension to the Sacramento County region.

    How big is the Sacramento area?

    Located at the confluence of the Sacramento River and the American River, it is affectionately known as the ‘River City’. Sacramento has a total incorporated area of 99.2 square miles, of which 97.2 square miles is land and 2 square miles is water.

    Is Sacramento Urban or suburban?

    California, the state with the highest urban population density, has a capital city that is largely rural. Eighty five percent of Sacramento’s land area is rural and generates extensive economic benefits for the region and state.

    What cities are considered Northern California?

    Northern California
    Country United States
    State California
    Major cities San Jose San Francisco Fresno Sacramento Oakland Stockton Fremont Modesto Santa Rosa Salinas Hayward Sunnyvale Visalia Chico Redding San Rafael Eureka Susanville
    Largest city San Jose

    What are nice neighborhoods in Sacramento?

    Here are the five best neighborhoods in Sacramento for singles and young professionals!

    • Downtown Sacramento.
    • East Sacramento.
    • Land Park.
    • Natomas Park.
    • North Oak Park.