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What did Chester F Carlson invent?

What did Chester F Carlson invent?

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Why did Chester Carlson invent the printer?

Carlson began his search for an alternative process by reading the available literature on printing, photography, and various copying technologies. His study convinced him that in some yet unspecified manner it might be possible to duplicate documents by making use of photoconductivity.

Where did Chester Carlson live?

New York
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Carlson, (born Feb. 8, 1906, Seattle, Wash., U.S.—died Sept. 19, 1968, New York, N.Y.), American physicist who was the inventor of xerography, an electrostatic dry-copying process that found applications ranging from office copying to reproducing out-of-print books.

Who invented electrophotography?

Chester Carlson
Rasmus Malling-HansenPál Selényi

What is Chester Carlson family background?

Chester Floyd Carlson
Birthdate: February 08, 1906
Immediate Family: Son of Olaf Adolph Carlson; Olof Adolph Carlson; Olaf A Carlson; Ellen Josephine Carlson; Ellen Josephine Carlson and 1 other Husband of Dorris Helen Carlson; Dorris Helen Carlson and Doris Helen Carlson Ex-husband of Elsa Carlson Father of Private

What does Xerox stand for?

dry writing
The name Xerox means “dry writing” in Greek. The word xero means “dry,” and graphy means “write.” Carlson’s invention used a dry, granular ink which replaced the messy liquid ink of the times. The First Xerox Machine. The first xerographic copier was sold in 1950.

Where did Chester Carlson go to school?

California Institute of Technology
Riverside City CollegeNew York Law School
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Who discovered the xerography?

Xerography was invented by Chester F. Carlson who was a patent attorney in the U.S. It was necessary for him to make copies of drawings and specifications to apply for patents. However, making copies involved enormous effort since transcription by hand or typewriter was the only method in those days.

Where did the inventor of the Xerox machine get his idea?

When Carlson was close to giving up on getting his invention from a proof-of-concept to a usable product, happenstance provided a solution. In 1944, Russell W. Dayton, a young engineer from the Battelle Memorial Institute in Columbus, Ohio, visited the patent department at Mallory where Carlson worked.

Who founded Xerox machine?

James Watt
Chester Carlson

Who is the father of Xerox machine?