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What did the mother drop along the way in the story of the aged mother?

What did the mother drop along the way in the story of the aged mother?

Once in Shining, a cruel ruler declared that all old people must be put to death. A farmer decided to leave his old mother on the top of a mountain. The mother dropped the small twigs as markers on the way to help her son to return. Using the clever idea of his mother, the farmer made a rope of ashes.

Who is the main character in the story of the aged mother?

CHARACTERS. The Aged Mother- main character of the story, who has the wisdom that brings to save and benefited their land. The Young Farmer- Son of the Aged Mother. The Daimio- the despotic ruler of shirano but later on he learned to give importance to the old folks.

What strict order did the Shinano Governor issue which caused the entire province to be in fear?

Shining was governed by a despotic leader who though a warrior, had a great and cowardly shrinking from anything suggestive of failing health and strength. This caused him to send out a cruel proclamation. The entire province was given strict orders to immediately put to death all aged people.

What disrupted the peaceful and happy life of the poor farmer and his aged mother?

Their happy and peaceful life was disrupted because of an order the governor established. The law was about putting death to all aged people and even if the decree was cruel, the people still obeyed. However, the farmer didn’t obey when he realized his mother’s kindness.

What is the summary of the story of the aged mother?

by Matsuo Basho. Also known as The Story of the Aged Mother, this Japanese folktale tells the story of an unkind ruler who issues cruel orders, including one demand that all old folks are to be abandoned and left to die. Basho tells a poignant story about a mother and her son and their love for one another.

What is the major event in a story?

Settings: This is the place where the characters are in the story. Major events: These are the things that the characters do or the things that happen in the story.

What did the governor realize in the story?

The governor realized his mistake when he listened to the farmer’s story and meditated in silence. He abolished his cruel law.

What cruel proclamation did the Shinano ruler make?

Answer: The cruel proclamation of the governor was to immediately put all aged people to death.

What is the name of the place in the story the aged mother which means the abandoning of the aged?

On he went, climbing blindly upward — ever upward towards the high bare summit of what is known as Obatsuyama, the mountain of the “abandoning of the aged.”

What is the theme of the aged mother?

What is the theme of aged mother? Theme The story is about a mothers love, its something that no one can explain because it is made with deep devotion, sacrifice, understanding and pain, the way that the aged mother made a way so that she can have assurance that her son can go home safely.

In what country does the story entitled The story of the aged mother happened *?

The Aged Mother – Summary Of This Japanese Folktale.

What is the conflict or problem in the story?

Conflict in a story is a struggle between opposing forces. Characters must act to confront those forces and there is where conflict is born. If there is nothing to overcome, there is no story. Conflict in a story creates and drives the plot forward.