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What disease does Clay Walker have?

What disease does Clay Walker have?

For all his accomplishments, though, his music career was hardly a concern that day he was diagnosed. “My only negative reaction when I found out I had multiple sclerosis was that I might not be able to walk my daughter down the aisle,” says Walker, who now has two young daughters to inspire him.

What is Clay Walker’s most famous song?

What’s It to You
Track listing

No. Title Length
1. “What’s It to You” 2:47
2. “You’re Beginning to Get to Me” 2:41
3. “Live Until I Die” 2:50
4. “This Woman and This Man” 4:22

Where is Clay Walker from?

Beaumont, TX
Clay Walker/Place of birth

When did Clay Walker She won’t be lonely long?

She Won’t Be Lonely Long/Released

Does Clint Walker have MS?

Just as Walker’s career was taking off in 1996, he started experiencing some of the hallmark symptoms of multiple sclerosis. Doctors diagnosed Walker, now 46, with relapsing-remitting MS, the most common form of the central nervous system disease, according to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society (NMSS).

Which country music star has multiple sclerosis?

In 1993, Clay Walker’s music career was taking off with his debut, “What’s It To You,” at the top of Billboard’s Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. He followed it up the next year with his single “Live Until I Die.” But in 1996, his future seemed to darken when he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Who is Clay Walker’s wife?

Jessica Craigm. 2007
Lori Jayne Lampsonm. 1992–2003
Clay Walker/Wife

He married model Jessica Craig on September 28, 2007 and had four more children with her: a son named William Clayton, born August 5, 2008, and a daughter named Mary Elizabeth, born December 27, 2009.

What is Clay Walker’s name?

Ernest Clayton Walker Jr.
Clay Walker/Full name

What city does Clay Walker live in?

Clay Walker and his wife, Jessica, live just south of Nashville in a picturesque gated community.

Is Walker Hayes a country singer?

Walker Hayes/Nationality

How old was Clint Walker when he played Cheyenne?

90 years (1927–2018)
Clint Walker/Age at death

What does Clay Walker take for his MS?

Walker takes the Teva Pharmaceuticals’ drug Copaxone (glatiramer acetate) by injection, three times a week, and said it works great for him. He feels good, he’s able to go on the road and tour with his band, he remains active, and he exercises three times a week.