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What does a Beefeater get paid?

What does a Beefeater get paid?

Employed by Historic Royal Palaces, you can expect a salary of around £30,000 and accommodation in the Tower for you and your family – but you do have to pay rent (and council tax!) for the privilege, and it isn’t subsidised.

How much does a Beefeater earn in the Tower of London?

Tower of London is hiring new Yeoman Warders that comes with £30k a year and your own flat – but you must have served 22 years in the armed forces first. Tower of London is hiring two Yeoman Warders with a £30,000 a year salary and the posts even comes with a flat.

Are Beefeaters in the army?

Yeoman Warders have been guarding the Tower of London since Tudor times. Nicknamed ‘Beefeaters’, the Yeoman Body of 32 men and women are all drawn from the Armed Forces.

Do Beefeaters pay rent?

The corps of 37 Beefeaters, including at least two women, work at the tower and live on site with their families. The guards pay rent and other bills and even have access to their own private pub known as the Yeoman Warders Club, where they take turns working at the bar.

How do you get a job as a Beefeater?

In order to qualify as a Yeoman Warder any candidate must have served for at least 22 years in the armed forces, be a former warrant officer or senior non commissioned, plus hold the Long Service and Good Conduct medal. So that’s most of us mere mortals already out of the running then.

Where do Beefeaters live when they retire?

They must own a home outside the fortress to occupy when they retire. Some of the accommodation dates back to the 13th century. The community of the Tower of London is made up of these Yeoman Warders and their families, the Resident Governor and officers, a chaplain and a doctor.

Can officers become Beefeaters?

All Yeoman Warders are retired members of the armed services; to be appointed, one must be “a former Warrant Officer, class 1 or 2, (or the equivalent rank in other services) and in exceptional circumstances, a Staff Sergeant” from the Royal Navy, British Army, Royal Air Force, or Royal Marines; must have earned the …

Where do Yeoman Warders live?

the Tower of London
As tradition going back 700 years, all Yeoman Warders and their families live within the Tower walls. Right now about 150 people, including a doctor and a chaplain, claim the Tower of London as their home address.

What is the role of a Beefeater?

The role of the Beefeaters is to guard any prisoners in the Tower of London, and to protect the most valuable items in the Tower – the Crown Jewels.

What’s a beef eater?

1 : a yeoman of the guard that forms part of an English monarch’s train on state occasions. 2 : a warder of the tower of London uniformed like a beefeater.

How do I get a job as a Beefeater?

What qualifications do you need to be a Beefeater?