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What page does Jonas talk about love?

What page does Jonas talk about love?

Jonas learns of love from the Giver in Chapter 16 of The Giver. As with all that Jonas learns of life outside the community, he learns about love when the Giver transmits to him a memory.

What do parents say when Jonas asks them if they love him?

Instead of saying they love Jonas, his mother says she “enjoys” him, and his father says he takes pride in Jonas’s accomplishments.

What page is Chapter 16 in the Giver?

He wishes he could experience what he felt in the memory. Although, he concedes, he recognizes that that is a very “dangerous” way to live. When The Giver asks him to explain, however, all Jonas can come up with is a comment on the fire that was burning in the room, and the way that flames are dangerous.

What happened in chapter 14 of the Giver?

The Giver transmits the memory of another ride on a sled, only this time the sled loses control and Jonas experiences pain and nausea from a badly broken leg. The pain lingers after the experience is over, but the Giver is not allowed to give him relief-of-pain, and Jonas limps home and goes to bed early.

What question did Jonas ask his parents?

After the memory, the Giver clarifies what Jonas learns from the memory, which makes the boy wonder about his own family. Later that night, back at his dwelling with his family unit, Jonas asks his parents, “Do you love me?” (127).

What is Chapter 13 of The Giver about?

In Chapter 13, The Giver transmits a painful memory of an elephant hunt to Jonas, during which an elephant is shot and killed for its tusks.

What does Jonas ask his dad?

“What do you mean?” Jonas asked. Amusement was not at all what he had anticipated. “Your father means that you used a very generalized word, so meaningless that it’s become almost obsolete,” his mother explained carefully. “Or,” his father suggested, “‘Do you take pride in my accomplishments?’

What is Chapter 17 about in The Giver?

The Giver Chapter 17 Nowadays, Jonas experiences “new, heightened feelings” as a result of the memories that he receives from The Giver. He can also keep the colors that he sees around him, and through the memories, he knows about oceans, lakes, and stream that come from and flow to Elsewhere.

What happens in chapter 18 of The Giver?

Jonas remembers what The Giver said about the memories that were released after Rosemary left. He realizes that he himself has an entire year’s worth of memories, and asks what would happen if he were to, say, drown in the river. Or something. The Giver advises that he try not to do that.

What happened in The Giver Chapter 15?

When Jonas shows up at The Giver’s room, the old man is crumpled in pain. Jonas readies to leave, but The Giver begs him to take some of the pain, which he willingly does. This time, Jonas receives the memory of a body-strewn battlefield.

What happens in The Giver Chapter 17?

Four weeks after Jonas stops taking his pills, an unscheduled holiday is declared in the community. His Stirrings have returned, and he has pleasurable dreams that make him feel a little guilty, but he refuses to give up the heightened feelings that the Stirrings and his wonderful memories have given him.

What chapter does Jonas lie to his parents?

Jonas lies to his parents in the end of Chapter 16, after they ask him if he understands that love is a vague concept. No one in the community is allowed to lie, as far as Jonas knows. Precision of language is very important.