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Where is the setting of Touching Spirit Bear?

Where is the setting of Touching Spirit Bear?

Alaska. The setting changes when Cole is ”banished” to an island in Southeast Alaska. Here, Cole is provided with another sparse dwelling, but when his caretakers Edwin and Garvey leave, Cole burns the wood shelter down in anger and instead spends in the night in the ashes of the fire.

What island is Touching Spirit Bear?

What is the setting in Touching Spirit Bear? The setting takes place on an isolated island called Ketchikan, Alaska, close to Drake. The setting is important to the events in the story because if Cole hadn’t gone to the island, he wouldn’t have been able to tame his anger or make things right with him and Peter.

Is Touching Spirit Bear a true story?

In its most simple definition, Touching Spirit Bear is considered realistic fiction. Because it is not a true story, the novel is typical fiction, and because the events of the novel could happen to any person, it is also realistic.

What is the main conflict in Touching Spirit Bear?

The primary conflict in Ben Mikaelsen’s Touching Spirit Bear is primarily an internal one. Cole Matthews is an angry young man. He grew up in a dysfunctional family; his mother is weak and timid and his father is aggressive and cruel.

Is there a sequel to Touching Spirit Bear?

In award-winning author Ben Mikaelsen’s riveting sequel to the acclaimed word-of-mouth bestseller Touching Spirit Bear, readers will be captivated by what Booklist calls a “hugely satisfying resolution.”

What genres does Ben Mikaelsen?

Ben Mikaelsen (born c. 1952, Bolivia) is a writer of children’s literature.

What is an example of man vs society in Touching Spirit Bear?

In this lesson, we discussed some of the conflicts that Cole faces in Touching Spirit Bear. Man versus man conflict occurs between Cole and Peter and between Cole and his parents. The man versus society conflict is Cole’s refusal to submit to authority and the norms of his community.

Is there a Touching Spirit Bear movie? touching spirit bear movie.

Where do Mr mikaelsen and his wife live now?

Ben Mikaelsen considered Buffy a “750-pound member of my family.” He has been writing full-time since 1984 and lives in Anacortes, Washington with his wife, Connie.

How old was Buffy the bear when he died?

The descriptions of Pokey, the bear cub, are so genuine because Ben lived with a black bear, Buffy, from the time it was a sixteen week old cub until the bear’s death over twenty years later.

What type of conflict is in Touching Spirit Bear?

Cole is in conflict with the law. Both of these are examples of external conflict, or opposition between a person and something that exists outside of him or herself. However, the struggles at the heart of Touching Spirit Bear are internal conflicts, struggles within oneself.

What is the main conflict in the book Touching Spirit Bear?