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What is difference between FIR and complaint?

What is difference between FIR and complaint?

Complaint refers to an appeal made to the magistrate, comprising an allegation that a crime has taken place. FIR implies the complaint registered with the police by the plaintiff or any other person having knowledge of the cognizable offence.

What is difference between FIR and zero FIR?

The only difference between the FIR and the Zero FIR is that FIR is lodged as a complaint by the informant where the incident has occurred in the area in which the police station has the jurisdiction to conduct an investigation whereas a Zero FIR can be lodged in any police station irrespective of the incident …

Why is it necessary to lodge an FIR?

An FIR is a very important document as it sets the process of criminal justice in motion. It is only after the FIR is registered in the police station that the police takes up investigation of the case. Who can lodge an FIR? Anyone who knows about the commission of a cognizable offence can file an FIR.

What is a zero FIR?

Zero FIR means that one can file an FIR in any police station, that is, irrespective of the place of incident or jurisdiction. The same can later be transferred to the police station having jurisdiction for the investigation to begin.

Is NCR and FIR same?

When something is stolen, then, according to Section 379 of IPC, FIR is filed and when something is lost, then NCR (Non-Cognizable Report) is filed. NCR remains in the records of the police station, it is not sent to the court. Few people know the difference between an FIR and NCR.

Will false FIR affect my career?

It may effect your career if you are convicted however arrest may influence your LIU report for government job. You may file for quashing of FIR to get rid of the case u/s 482 of the Cr. P.C before the concerned High Court.

What is a non FIR case?

“non-cognizable offence” means an offence for which, and “non-cognizable case” means a case in which, a police officer has no authority to arrest without warrant; This, however, is a very simplistic definition and just lays down by exclusion and elimination, thepowers which the police does not have in certain cases.

What is FIR crime number?

The FIR should mention the date and time of the incident and the identity of the accused (if known) in a precise manner. After it is registered, the complainant is entitled to a copy free of charge. The Crime Number in the FIR is the reference for all future follow-ups.

Who has authority to cancel FIR?

When a case is transferred from one police station to another, after determination of area of jurisdiction, the offence registered in the original police station shall be cancelled by the Superintendent of Police and an FIR shall be submitted in the police station in the jurisdiction of which the case occurred (25-7 of …

What is Section 154 CrPC?

(1) Every information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence, if given orally to an officer in charge of a police station, shall be reduced to writing by him or under his direction, and be read Over to the informant; and every such information, whether given in writing or reduced to writing as aforesaid.

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How do I file a complaint against FIR?

  1. Enter the complainant’s name- fill the name of the person who wants to lodge the E-FIR.
  2. Enter the father’s/mother’s name- fill the complainant’s parents’ name.
  3. Enter the complainant’s Address- enter the full address.
  4. Enter complainant’s Mobile number- complainant’s working mobile number.